How to be more stylish

Hi Coach,

Even before the pandemic, I worked from home, but now that I no longer go out (to restaurants, friends, etc.) I am really at home almost all the time.

I feel much better and am more productive when I get dressed and wear “real” clothes, which I do every day. But I wear almost the same thing: jeans, a shirt, sneakers. Even when I could do more outside of the house, I feel like I always revert to the physically the most comfortable (the jeans, etc., are still nice looking, just very basic) instead of wearing the other clothes wardrobe.

I want to practice wearing a wider variety of outfits at home to go out again. Still, when I do this, I always feel physically uncomfortable sitting at my desk and changing back into my comfortable clothes.

It’s not that my other outfits are that uncomfortable either – it’s just that I always have a more comfortable option waiting for me in my dresser.

I’m getting tripped up trying to do a model because I feel like my clothes being physically uncomfortable is a fact/circumstance?

Any help would be appreciated!