How to feel LOVE when someone is acting "bad"

I’m stuck on HOW do I love someone when I don’t really like them…
I see that I’m happy with someone when they act the way I approve/enjoy. I understand I need work in this area.
When they don’t act in ways I like, how do I love them?
A simple example…
He (husband) doesn’t stop annoying one of our kids after they’ve asked him to stop. I tell myself, “Allow him to be himself” “He can act as annoying as he wants.” I can almost get my mind around that.
But then, how do I LOVE him when I don’t like how he acts? How do I erase that from my mind and be affectionate when I hate things he does?
Do I think, “He’s such a great guy in so many other ways.”
Another simple example:
We are at an event and the speaker is talking and he (husband) talks .
I can’t hear the speaker. He think what he has to say is funny and wants me to laugh.
I don’t want to hang around with someone that talks while other people are talking.
What do I think at that moment so I don’t grow anger inside? How do I love someone when he does things I don’t like?
I would choose to not hang around them but I’ve heard you say that I should be able to be happy(?)/feel love in my current situation.
I want to.