How to figure out the thought in an intentional thought pattern

I’m working on doing my first model. I wrote out my unintentional thought pattern, but I’m not sure what new thought to write in my intentional thought pattern.

Here’s my unintentional thought pattern:
C: I haven’t earned $5,000 in one month in my business.
T: Nothing I do to bring in clients works, & and it will always be a struggle to bring in new clients.
F: Hopeless
A: I procrastinate, put off doing marketing tasks that might bring in clients, I do “busy work” that’s not that important.
R: I don’t bring in enough new clients to earn $5k/month.

As I’m working on the intentional thought model, my first idea for a new thought was:
“I haven’t yet found a way to bring in $5k/month.” But that didn’t lead to a positive feeling. I just felt frustrated at that thought because I’ve been working on my business for a couple years now.

Can you give me some ideas on what a better, more intentional thought might look like?