How To Tell What I Do…

Hi awesome Brooke,

I am That Screenwriter…
I am not paid by anyone to write. I simply declared one day that this is what I will be and started developing script samples.

So my husband and I were on vacation and met several old and new friends while there.
I was asked by the ones who already know me, ‘So, you say you are a screenwriter, how come it’s been few years and we haven’t seen anything you’ve written on the screen?’
Then there were the ones I just got to know and they asked, ‘So what do you do?… Oh, so do you have an agent already?… Does anyone pay you to write?’

I answered the following:

‘I am currently working on few writing samples. I have an idea for a TV drama and a full-length feature screenplay. No one is paying me. What I do is write regularly and want to complete 4-5 samples so I could then submit those to screenwriting contests and hopefully get an agent to represent me.’

My husband commented that when he hears me answering this way it sounds submissive and hopeful but leaves both myself and the listener thinking I am trying, hoping, etc.
He suggested that I will say something more like this:

‘I am not paid yet. I write my own material. For example, these days I am doing a thorough research for my upcoming new project. It’s about…’

He said I should sound more in control and not hopeful that I may win a contest or get an agent that may be willing to sign me one day.
But what I said is true. I mean, it can be proved in the court of law that no one is paying me. So is there a way I can tell what I do in a more exciting way but still say the truth?