Husband is at home while I work from home


My husband is at home right now recovering from surgery, and I am working from home. My thought is that it’s hard for me I’m “at work” and he’s “at home” and I’m finding that I’m irritated that my attention is being pulled in several directions.

Some models:
C – Husband is at home the workday
T – I can’t focus on work while he’s at home
F – irritation
A – mope, am irritated that I can’t “switch gears” quickly and go from Powerful Consultant to Loving Partner on a dime (it’s a different mindset for me)
R – I don’t focus on work

And that leads to…

C – husband is at home during the workday
T – I shouldn’t be crabby – he doesn’t deserve it
I have so much to be thankful for
F – guilt, shame
A – try to make it up to husband by being overly nice, move my meetings around to spend time with him, try to be engaged and “present” when we talk in the morning,

I think at the heart of this is that I think I should be able to do it all — that I should be able to switch gears quickly and easily. But that is not how I feel currently.

I have a work persona / mindset that I need to be in for work (powerful, capable, creative) and then there’s my home mindset (compassionate, caring, loving, helpful)

And I have often struggled with the two, because they are different, and I need to “get in the zone” for work. In the past, that hasn’t been a problem because I do it on my commute, or after my husband has left for work.

But since we’re together at home for the foreseeable future, I want to spend some time working on my thoughts and feelings around this.

Any suggestions on where to go from here? Work on my thoughts about “doing it all”? Or how to create acceptance of my situation?

Thank you for your help!