Husband Job 3

Spend some time exploring how your husband and his words are neutral in your model.
– I spent time trying to look at it as neutral as possible.
“The man I married to is saying words”
“He does not have the same job he had prior to april 2020”
“He said words — XYZ..”
“He is saying words on the phone ”
I will continue to work on this and deliberately decide that ” my thoughts are creating my current experience ”

As you start looking for intentional thoughts, you might need to consider some bridge or ladder thoughts
– I am capable of loving someone in pain
-It is possible for me to feel compassion for him rather than resentment when he is in a bad mood
I feel stuck here to be honest

Maybe you’re not ready to believe that this is all happening FOR you rather than TO you, but maybe you can find a thought in that direction that resonates for you now?
– No I can’t find any believable thought in that direction. I can’t seem to believe that him losing job and now being resentful is happening FOR me in any way
Can you help me ?