Husband sees me being a coach as a threat and selfish thing

I am a certified coach and while achieving this, seems like my marriage is about to come to an end.

My husband blames everything on coaching. That I changed, which is true – instead of yelling or being around yelling and arguing, I’m honoring my boundaries.

He has lots of opinions about me, and I self coach myself through my thoughts daily.

There is very little we talk about, no intimacy or very seldom. I offered to write a want list and see if we have something we can concentrate on, he refused.

I stopped asking him about unfinished projects in the house, I completely came to peace with this, because I can’t change him anyway.

I offered him to stop sleeping together in the same bedroom and work our issues for the next year separately. He took it as a threat and started to threaten me and accuse me of being “selfish.”

I know Brooke teaches to love where you are and the person I assume as well, I just don’t see how it’s done in practice.

I know she did it with her husband, but how to come to the place of love from what I have now, and then decide? Thank you.