I am lost

All my life I have been an extremely positive people person and a Christian. I was in medical sales for 25+ years. In June 2013, my “to be” husband and I moved from TN to FL because he wanted to live in a warmer climate and he offered me an early retirement, really early. However, last April he tried to commit suicide, I found him and my life has spiraled downward ever since. We separated on what would have been our 3rd year anniversary, he now lives in NCand has been diagnosed bi-polar. So now, almost five years later, I am looking to go back to work and I’m not so sure the industry I was in wants me back after 5 years of absence. I am open to doing my own thing but I need coaching on that too. He is supporting me but I want my life completely back. I am in therapy but I really believe that Brooke could help me more so I am investing in Scholars as I deserve to get my life back on track. This is really new territory for me.
Thanks! Carol