I ate a pie

Yesterday during the snowstorm, I baked then ate an entire pie. Below are 2 UIM, and one IM
First UIM:
C: at home during snowstorm
T I want to bake something using all those limes
F Restless, bored, lonely, desirous of sugar
A ate a pie
R gain weight and sick all night long

Second UIM
C Ate a Pie
T I am pathetic, I have no control
F disgust, shame
A non-action toward goals and bad self talk
R I am pathetic, I have no control

Making the Ate a Pie my C really helped me be much clearer to my feelings after the event.
Intentional Model for Second UIM:
C Ate a pie
T It is ok because I now know what to do
F shame but acceptance
A Plan meals for tomorrow, and recommit to no S/no F
R I made progress on my weight loss goal.

Here are my Questions:
1. In the first UIM, my T does not connect with the R. Looking back at what happened I am unclear what my real driving thought was. Any tips on how to figure that out?
2. In my Second IM, my F is shame but acceptance. I kept shame in there because I want to be able to feel it in a non-judgmental way. Is that right?
3. My guess is I need to do another Model on the “I have no control” statement…?