I can’t focus on work

C: working 8-4
T: I can’t focus
F: stressed
A: stop working on my project. Ask coworker what he wants me to focus on. Tell him I hate what I’m working on. Spin in my chair. Go get my phone. Move from the desk to the couch to the desk to the couch. Get 4 teas over the course of the day. Close my eyes. Hesitate to make tasks in PM tool. Listen to podcasts. Look at Ask a Coach. Look at Slack. Yawn. Think about how I can’t think clearly. Pee again. Tea again. Go out to get coffee. Give up on project. Think about the past and what K said. Check phone. Imagine being fired. Check spreadsheet.
R: I’m not focused on anything and it takes me 10 hours to track 8 hours of work