I hate hard

Hi Brooke,
First let me just say that every day I am AMAZED at how many questions you get answered on Ask Brooke. I can hardly keep up at reading them, and I see how available you are to this group. It blows my mind and I am so grateful.

I realized in doing the exercise with writing down what we are afraid of and why, that often my “why” is generally a sense of “it’s hard”. I then wrote, I am afraid of hard things, and for the reason why: I hate hard.
So of course, I did a model on this immediately (Do you see how you are changing the world???)

C “hard” things (I know this is subjective…hence the quotes. maybe the perception of things being hard could be the current C? I think my C could also just be: Life. )
T I hate hard things
F Hate
A Avoid and resist “hard”
R I hate “hard” things

C Life
T I can do hard things
F Accepting, willing, self-confident
A Do “hard” things
R I can do hard things

I tried to make some bridge thoughts between “I hate hard” and “I can do hard things”. I came up with:
I can do things
I do hard things all the time
This isn’t that hard
If I think it’s hard, I make it so
Hard is relative

So this is the interesting thing. All of these thoughts made me feel slightly more accepting and willing to do “hard” things. But then instead of the gradual bridge, I jumped to:

C Life
T I love doing hard things
F Fearless. Brave. Capable. Powerful
A Love doing hard things. Seek them out
R I love doing hard things

C Life
T Doing Big things is natural
F Wise. Evolving. Grateful
A Rise to any challenge
R Do big things, with peace

And my favorite:
C life
T I love a good challenge
F delight. energy. powerful.
A Love and seek out challenges in life
R I love a good challenge.

Question 1 : Is it correct for the R to be identical to the T? Often mine are.

Question 2: Is it weird that the bridge thoughts were a little flat, but when I did a complete 360, I felt super inspired and mindblown? I could sort of believe them right away, or at least imagine believing them . It’s only been a few days but “I love a good challenge” has made me smile and feel energized many times. It has stayed on the tip of my mind, and imagining living with this as a mantra literally feels like I would be a new person. Is there any reason to stay with the more gradual bridge thoughts? Maybe depending on my mood or anxiety level, I could go back to them as needed.

Thanks as always for being you and being amazing!