I have more past than I realized.

Brooke, I was just listening to the July Overview. I thought that I had already done a lot of the rewriting my past and that maybe this month would be just going through the motions or getting a little deeper. However, as you were speaking you mentioned that when we tell the story in a negative way we tend to keep reliving it and it shows up in our lives now (something to that effect). And then it dawned on me. I did a lot, lot, lot of work on the story I was telling about my childhood and how I felt about my parents treating me. For some reason, it just occurred to me that college is also in my past. My 20s are in my past. Yesterday is in my past, and I should probably take a look at all of these. No wonder I’m having a hard time believing that I can be a therapist and a coach, I keep telling the story about how terrible I’ve been at it for all these years. Sometimes I feel so young that when I talk about the past, I forgot that there are 3 whole decades to look at! Not just the first one!
So, here’s to delving into all of the stories I’ve been telling, not just my grade school ones.