"I should be more focused and disciplined"

I’m having trouble getting the R line on this model. Can you help?

C – Me
T – I should be more focused and disciplined
F – Stressed
A – Beat myself up, judge myself, compare myself to others who I think are more productive, discredit the ways I’m focused and disciplined already, put pressure on myself to produce, feel exhausted from trying
R – I make it harder to stay focused and disciplined?

I think that I’m focused and disciplined when I need to be, and nobody has told me that I need to work on this. I know the thought from the model is coming from my inner critic. It’s telling me that if I’m more focused and disciplined, I could achieve more, which I believe is true. I know it’s still a thought and it’s not exactly coming from a place of self-love. I think I have the capacity to be more focused and disciplined, and am working on this skill.