I should work

I realized I have this belief “I should work.” I do believe it.  I’m capable of working, I have a good job. I should make money to provide for my family. I feel bad if my husband is the only one making money etc.

However, I want to be at home with my children and work on my husband’s business. I’m working on believing I should be home with my children working with my husband.  They only have one childhood. I love them so much and want to show them so many experiences.  Time is our only non-renewable resource. I can always get another job and make more money. I provide more value for my family and husband being home than working. This is what I want.

I have not yet given my notice to quit.  When I ask why, the thought “I should work” shows up and I believe it. In that moment instead should I focus on all of the reasons why I should quit?