I want to eat as soon as I get in the house.

I have the urge to eat every time I come home from being out or being at work. Even if it is a meal time I can’t seem to wait for whatever is planned to be ready. This is a new awareness for me and I am having some trouble accessing the thought that is driving my feelings and actions. If I can get past the immediate urge that comes as soon as I walk in the door, it seems to go away.

C Home from work for lunch break. Chicken and vegetable soup is on the menu
F out of control
A ate nuts off plan. Distracted myself by taking the washing off the clothes line but ate anyway. did not take the time to catch myself in the moment and process the urge.
R Ate off plan. Further away from my goal of losing weight. Annoyed and disappointed in myself that I cant seem to stop myself.