"I wish I could be ________________"

I listened to a podcast about being “a breath of fresh air”, and the phrase just really resonated with me. The feeling that came up was “wistful”. I realized that I feel wistful a lot. I looked up the definition to figure out what that feeling is about and it the definition is “having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing”. That captures how I feel very often.

C me
T I wish I could be a “breath of fresh air”
F wistful
A mostly inaction; think about people who are a “breath of fresh air”; look for evidence of how I am not a “breath of fresh air”
R ??

C me
T It’s possible that I could become “a breath of fresh air” {is this a good ladder thought?}
F light {I truly want to feel like this more often}
A pick my own energy, don’t match the energy of others, look for evidence of how I am a “breath of fresh air”, don’t constantly look for evidence that there are things to be worried or angry about {ideas from the podcast}
R I am a “breath of fresh air” {started here}

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer with this 🙂 .