IF question

Today is my first day of IF. I am doing my thought work and doing a 16/8. My eating window is 12-8 right now and plan on working out while fasting in the mornings.
Today I had no breakfast, only 2x cups of coffee. At noon I ate 4oz of ground beef with a big handful of spinach, handful of mushrooms and fried asparagus with a decent anount of ghee butter. It is 6.20pm and I feel great so far, have not felt hungry. I plan on having a similar dinner. Green beens, more asparagus and 4oz pork chop with avocado. How much avocado is enough? Am I supposed to measure my veggies or just have to make sure its enough volume compared to my protein? The quantity of veggies confuses me a little.
When does the fruit come in play? If i keep eating 2 meals a day using the 12-8 window I am not sure i will eat fruit. Trying to see how the next couple of days go. I really want to be fat adapted.
Today was a big football sunday and I am proud i was able to work through my urges, i want to be at peace with them and not resist them.

Brooke, could you give me a little feedback? Thank you!