I’m amazing and capable of achieving my objectives

Morning Brooke!
This March work is very exciting and promising and not piece of cake. Please find below my homework, I’m not sure if this is how I should be doing it so can you please advise if I should be introducing any changes to it?!
1. The new sentence I want to believe:
’I’m amazing and capable of achieving my objectives.’
2. The though feels exciting and brings up all my insecurity.
3. Why? What is my brain coming up with? What are the conflicting sentences? &
4. Alternative thought and massive action
a. I always want to achieve my objectives but rarely do
– Today I will complete my todo list. I will be realistic on my expectations, make my plan and complete it no matter what.
b. I have been trying to loose 8 kgs since November and haven’t succeed
– For the last few days I have been sticking to my protocol I just need to keep doing it and I will loose the last 8kgs
c. My friends are amazing they believe they are, I’m not and I don’t.
– I believe anything can be learnt, I can learn to believe I am amazing
d. I might learnt it but it might take me ages and as usual you will achieve average results
– I’m learning to blow my mind and achieve amazing results
5. Note from my future self
Be compassionate towards yourself, you are doing all you can with what you have. You are working hard and the results are on the way. Persevere, it is worth it!