I’m struggling to deal with my husband’s money drama.

My husband has a lot of money drama. I’ve been able to honor this as his thoughts, and I don’t need to take it on as my own. But, sometimes I get tired of listening to it. He goes in circles over and over for months on end. At times I’m patient when I have the thought, “He just wants a listening ear.” Other times I’m annoyed, “Why can’t he just move on already.” And sometimes, I’m rude, “You can have your thoughts, but I don’t want to listen to them.”

Really, I get annoyed that it’s a HUGE part of every conversation we have. I miss hanging out with my husband without him spinning out over money in the stock that he has no control over for hours on end.

C: Husband’s comments about money
T: I hate how much he talks about it.
F: really annoyed, almost angry
A: tune him out, judgey towards him in my mind, irritated, short, sometimes try to talk him out of it, other times tell him I’m not listening.
R: I act hateful towards him.

C: Husband’s comments about money
T: There’s GOT TO BE more to talk about.
F: Frustrated

C: Husband’s comments about money
T: These are his thoughts
But then my brain argues –
T: Then get over them already, I’m tired of listening!

This isn’t how I want to show up with him. I love him. And I hate his constant money drama. But clearly I’m just spinning in unhelpful thoughts. I’d love some help. Thank you!