Impolite behavior

Hi Brooke,
I sometimes have an impolite behavior towards people when I notice that they use my ideas and my work only for their own benefit, bypass me, want to colaborate only when they need me. Instead of being cool, think and have a direct talk using arguments, boudaries etc, I usualy react abruptly, impolitely, like a froward – spoiled child not invited to play with them any more.This reacton/behavior takes usualy little time, but is enough to create unplesent situations and missanderstandings. Sometimes they don’t understand what is happening with me,sometimes I apologize ,sometimes I have the courage to specify and argue but not in an cool manner, rarely I give another excuse for my behavior. I think that my behavior is finally an “alloy” of selfishness,jealousy and self pitty. When I behave this way I feel very shame. I try to use the model as a tool in order to make things better. C: Impolite behavior, problems in my reletionships T: I overestimate myself and I react badly when they doubt me.I have not the courrage to admitt or negociate the situation in a cool way A:? R: ? Tnank you