need some clarity around food

Hi Brooke!

Im not sure what to do about my eating. I dont have any weight to lose, in fact I need to be watchful not to lose in order to stay healthy.

I definitely overdesire processed food, much less than in the past when I would binge eat But I overeat when I feel I lost a pound or two and judge myself harshly for still having anorexic thoughts.

I consume a little sugar and flour daily (except for the ocasional overeating which looks like a mini binge, impulsive eating and 6 on the hunger scale)

Before joining scholars I grazed all day long, low calorie foods Now I can manage six meals with 3-4 hours in between.

I would love to not over-want processed food.

Im afraid of a) losing weight b) gaining weight c)people’s judgment over my choices, like if Im getting anorexic again c) feeling hunger

How should I start working on all this mess?

I SO love your amazing work and compassionate approach. Grateful beyond words for having found you and having joined!! Thanks so much to you and your coaches!