Impossible goal (PA)

I found that one of the thoughts I have about my impossible goal – make £100k in my coaching business – is that I can’t make it while working full-time.
Trying to find a thought and I have the models below
C- £100k goal
T- I can’t make it this amount of money on my biz while working full-time
F- Discourage (not sure yet how to name the feeling)
A- not much action, buffer with netflix, don’t plan my biz work, give lots of excuses not to do the work
R- No clients = no money

C- £100k goal
T- I want to be the person that made £100k in her biz while still working full-time
F- Determined
A- massive action, do whatever it takes, show up in my biz the way I need to, plan, do the work
R- build my £100k biz while working full-time.

I also noticed that I am doing the models on my impossible goal every day and I’m still feeling the same-ish. Even though the models are around my impossible goal with different thoughts and feelings, how would be the best way to practice all these new thoughts that will create feelings for me to take the action? I know we need to think them on purpose, but doing models every day with different thoughts doesn’t give me enough time to practice them, so keep coming back to them.
Would be better if i do the same model every day with the same thought and then practice until it becomes automatic and then I can choose another thought to do the model?