Impossible goal rework- scheduling -passive action vs getting results towards goals

I am going to list a few questions in one here is it better to submit separately?

1 follow up to
“So I’m not inspired and totally avoiding my impossible goal :-(“
I changed my what felt like unicorn goal that I was totally disengaged with to a more actionable one ( I like my reasons) but I’m not sure if its clear enough or too long…and would love guidance in making it the best and clearest goal possible

Previous goal
New goal

I am creating financial independence and clarity
Knowing what I need to make and making that plus saving.

Perhaps I have actual numbers for this and a budget by second quarter.

Question 2

Scheduling things and finding a system…

I write my actions in 3 notebooks a have a few floating use whichever is closest then enter into a paper planner then into I or google cal

I feel like I’m spending lots of time writing, organizing and rewriting with less in results and actual action….it doesn’t feel smooth or efficient
I do like the paper (Best Self) planner and the lists…but??

Does Brooke digitally enter into google cal every single small task ie call so and so
Do this little thing…. or maybe batch them?

related to this
my first 2 months in scholars feel like I made a lot of progress and then after that I feel like I’m making internal progress , but little to show for my external results I am wanting. I listen to the calls, I spend a lot of time doing all the scholars work and that’s what I prefer to do most of the time. All I want to do is listen to podcasts and the assets. I’m happy that I have found such passion for this and am enrolled in coach school for April. I’m loving scholars I do the daily self coaching, and I also enter my daily journals/paper planner(best self journal. I also have all these books from signing up for coach school yay, but I feel I need lots more time. Like coaching myself has become my full time unpaid job. Lol

Wondering if you can give advice in balancing interest and passive action with getting actual results. Is submitting these questions passive or active action?

I love and appreciate your guidance on a constructive way to hold this in my brain
So so so appreciate being able to ask these questions.

were so lucky to have this

THANK YOU!!!!!!!❤️🙏