Impossible Goal and Stress

Hi Brooke,

I am well on my way toward achieving my impossible goal. I just started my dream job and the goal is to surpass all expectations of the role that I’m offered a promotion and pay raise within 6 months. Toward that end, I’ve already achieved so many of my mini-goals in the last few weeks since I started in that position.

My issue is that I’m exhausted and feeling stressed, but not in the typical sense. I’m not irate, snappy or and outwardly frantic. Instead, it almost feels like I’m in ‘performance’ mode, thinking five steps ahead all the time instead of being in the present moment. I feel confident and like I have a “let’s do this!” attitude but it also feels like I’m on constant adrenaline and running a marathon.

C: Impossible Goal
T: Let’s do this!
F: Determined
A: Massive Action
R: Achieve impossible goal

C: Impossible Goal
T: I need to take action
F: Urgency/Control (? this isn’t quite the feeling but I can’t pinpoint what it is
A: Massive Action
R: Achieve goal but stressed?

Can you help me here bc I think my models are mixed up? Thanks!