Impossible, insane, crazy awesome

I joined SCS in October. Last night I was doing the brainstorm and just kept writing. I am here for weight loss but added all the other scary things too (like wanting to learn how to sing, pay off my mortgage,etc) Then all of a sudden I wrote a sentence down, and boom! My adrenaline went up and I said “holy F*#%” That is when I knew I found the real impossible goal. My original “want to lose weight” is uncomfortable but when I wrote down “I’m going to weigh 175 lbs by Dec 1 2018” I freaked! Weigh 235 right now. I did the math and decided 165! Why the hell not? And I am using your ideas with a book I read for work. Toyota Kata by Mike Rother. He uses a similar method. You have a desired target condition, but don’t go directly to it. Instead, focus on the next step target condition. Learn from the fails, adjust, keep at it. So rather than force myself strict behavior on all fronts, my first “next” is awareness (food journal) and no S/F. Then I will work on no alcohol, weigh food, set eating times. I went all in when I joined in October- it didn’t last, but I am learning. Does this plan seem reasonable, or am I being easy on myself? Looking forward to an absolutely insane year!