In laws

My in laws are the nicest people! They treat everyone they know with kindness and respect and they just love everyone. They think the best of people and never criticize. Always.
And yet , they have annoyed me for 16 years. Like driven me crazy! And now I sit here and realize it was me the whole time!!! They already know how to live amazingly happy lives. I am the one who should think like them!!!
Now how do I change and become more like them without annoying myself with the sweetness?
C: in laws say “….” about their neighbor
T: how sweet are they! But so annoying. That neighbor doesnt know anything
F: annoyed, frustrated, prideful
A: annoyed face, etc
R: disconnection and distance

C: in laws say “… ” about neighbor
T: How kind of them to say that. I can see why they like her
F: non judgmental, humble, peaceful
A: I speak kindly as well, more conversation
R: better relationships

I’m realizing how many judgemental thoughts I let course through my mind, every day, every hour. I even judge non-judgmental, kind people and myself.
Do you have any thoughts or observations to share about my epiphany?