Indulging in confusion with weight loss?

Hi Coaches,

I have been doing the Stop Overeating work and have been very successful! More than halfway to my goal with only about 25 lbs left to lose. I have found through this process that the less I overeat, the more intolerable my life feels. Suddenly, my job is unbearable and my relationship with my husband is not the same. We constantly fight and he doesn’t want to be around me much. No matter what I do or say, I am doing something wrong in his eyes. This is completely opposite of how we have been the last 12 years of our relationship. We have always had an effortless relationship but he seems very unhappy now. I have not lost any weight in the last few months because I am choosing to eat off plan to deal with these feelings. It’s like I am panicking and want to quit my weight loss to work on the other areas of my life.

I think that my compelling reason to lose weight (just to fit into smaller clothes and be more attractive) isn’t a very strong one. And I would be willing to give that all up to be in a better place in my marriage and career. Am I just indulging in confusion and sabotaging myself? Or is it time to re-evaluate if this is all worth it?