Intellectually vs applying. Thanks for thesis progress help. Siw

I did a lot of models on negative thoughts on my thesis earlier this week. Getting all of the thoughts/models on paper helped me see it more clearly, and I asked for direction in Ask Brooke.

While doing April homework yesterday, it finally hit me. I don’t have to write my thesis, I want to write my thesis. I was coached live by Brooke on this in December, and obviously I know this intellectually, but I haven’t been feeling it. I haven’t been able to manage or model my way to feeling and applying this thought, it hasnt felt true, I havent believed it.

Wow what a difference it makes in how I am working on my thesis theory.

And how it is showing up in todays thought download:
I don’t have to write a thesis, I want to write a thesis.
I am not doing it for my supervisor, I am doing it for me!

I love this work. Thank you so much.