Interview Fail

I was in an interview and went in feeling nervous about how I would speak and answer questions.

I felt I was overbearing at times – not holding back and letting the interviewer lead – but kind of like barging forward.

I talked over them once. Or maybe they talked over me. I couldn’t even tell you because I was “in my head” and rather flustered.

I got long winded with my answers. At times I probably shared too many off topic details that didn’t matter.

I kind of feel like a loose cannon in these situations. Like I have no control over what comes out.

I did do some thought work before hand. But I just didn’t step into a new model fully yet. Maybe I haven’t captured the right thought that will help me here.

All of it makes me feel deep shame and regret at having not showed up as my best. It feels like a missed opportunity. And I fear that I’ll just keep repeating this pattern.

The other side of me is trying to look at this as a ‘win’ – meaning, I tried – and failed – and who cares. At least I tried. At least I put myself in an uncomfortable situation. And I can try again next time – and try once again to step into a new model.

Any feedback /coaching for me? Thank you!