Is being bored a “Feeling?” GK

My job involves activities that I find boring, that don’t feed my mind and soul in a way I prefer to spend the precious hours of my life. Is the feeling of being bored go on the F line, or is it like an itch which is a physical feeling that does not belong on the F line? Boredom sure feels physical I can see that others could find the job not boring. My unintentional model:

C: my job
T: it’s boring
F: boredom
A: go through the motions
R: wasted life

Intentional model:
C: my job
T: it’s boring. <— I’ve tried to think other thoughts but “positive” ones are not true. This is kind of an objective conclusion, based on my values of loving to learn
F: motivated to find another job
A: look for another job
R: new job