is my goal enough?

So i have identified with those on the 1st coaching call in regards to having many goals to strive towards for this year. I heed the advice and picked one – follow scs for one year, all in. I still was consuming lots of self-development and health books, podcasts, emails etc. but have told myself to do this alone just for January(the year seemed too big) to see what can be achieved. I just wonder if this should be implicit within this program and I could be working on something else or is it enough for me – is this my work? It does seem scary for me to commit to one thing alone (it was hard for me to unsubscribe from everything even though I know it will still be there when I ‘get back’)as my pattern has always been to be distracted after a few weeks (to a way of eating/exercise regime) and never fully committed. After many years of buffering with alcohol, I have decided that this would be my year of ‘presence’ – this is my “why”. So no drinking to date this year – I did only commit to January in my mind however – I thought i would take it one month at a time – again the year seems too big to commit to. Perhaps i need to reframe the goal as such: be present with myself and my emotions for 2017 – this includes not buffering and all in with scs. How does this become measurable however? Do I just say, for January, do scs exclusively – all the work and everything brooke says for january along side of not drinking either?
Thanks for any thoughts