is "self care" a feeling that can go in the feeling line?

Here is my model. I skipped lunch and am getting ready to go out for an evening event at which I know there will be only nibblies, not a full meal.

C: Eating at 4.45pm in the afternoon.
T: I’m so grateful to myself for making a proper meal.
F: Caring (or is this self care?)
A: Eat my meal. Enjoy it. Add an additional item (like a tea to go, or a glass of milk). Continue caring for myself as I quickly get ready to go out.
R: Caring for myself. Feeling the feeling of caring for myself.

My question is, is “self care” a feeling? Or is the feeling “care”? I’m thinking I rather enjoy this feeling of caring for myself, even though it’s not a feeling I have identified before. It’s a feeling I would like to identify, and repeat again in certain situations or certain times of day (eg. busy morning period getting everyone out the door). What’s an appropriate feeling I can use again in models?

Thanks to this month’s focus on self confidence and the dares, I’m practicing putting a feeling in the F line and then creating a thought around that.