It happened again (urgh!)

Hi Brooke,
since being in scholars I made so much progress! I’ll be forever grateful for that.
I’m much more conscious with so many things, much calmer plus I lost 30 pounds. 50 more to go, though. My “protocol” is to do IF on weekdays (I have breakfast and lunch and feel amazing with skipping dinner: I sleep much better, I safe so much time and emotionally it just feels great) and to have 3 meals on weekends. That’s because it’s socially difficult for me not to participate at dinner invitations, family events etc AND because I want to train myself in being able to have 3 good but reasonable meals and nothing in between. ANd that turns out to be really a challenge. I definitely would have lost much more weight if I hadn’t binged again and again at the weekends. Through thought work and good planning I’ve become much better at it and it doesn’t happen very often these days. But still – it happens. Last week I was traveling because of a conference. And “it happened” like in my worst days. Crazy! Thoughts like “I cannot plan it anyway as I don’t know what they’ll serve”, “I messed it up anyway, so that huge serving of ice cream doesn’t matter” etc. It was extra crazy as in a way I observed myself in having those thoughts but kind of decided (without really wanting it – does that make sense at all??) to have it all. I felt so horrible afterwords. Not only that I couldn’t sleep well (urgh! Thought I was over that!), I alse experienced an outburst of acne AND of arthritis (they say it has nothing to do with eating, but I’m sure it has). So now my question to you: How do I handle that? Having listened to this months’ class I thought: Should I simply let it be “past” (as it happened last week…)? I guess it would be smarter to learn a lesson from it. But how? Can you give me a hint? Thank you!!