It’s just math

Sooo I was thinking about my impossible goal of making 100k in my business and all the things I’d have to create and do.

Like Facebook lives
Blog content
Instagram posts
Building my list

And things like that.

I was thinking about it and in that moment I felt actually excited for them.

And the more I thought about it,

I realized this shit isn’t that hard.

Like it’s literally just showing up.

Of course, There are skills you’ve got to learn but when I truly look at things from a mathematical standpoint— it’s totally possible to achieve as long as you’re continuing to try different ways to solve that math problem.

It was like a little AHA moment.

It was Clarity.

Then my thoughts came rushing in and then it all seemed so complicated.

I don’t know how to do this and that thing —- AHHHHH 🤯

Haha it’s literally thought drama that makes this all feel sooo far away and extremely challenging.

Like I lay there knowing I have to take some photos or plan out content but I’m thinking “it’s sooo hard” , “ it’s too much work” , “ I don’t want to do it”

I’m just in shock sometimes of how I make something that seems so simple feel soooo freaking hard.

When I know it isn’t.