Scarcity Mentality and doing Models on dreams

Hi Brooke,
I have 2 questions for you.
First is on the Scarcity mentality and abundance thinking. I am concentrating on weight loss right now, but was watching your money videos and your comments on Scarcity thinking hit home hard with regard to my food issues. I grew up with very little, and when we did have food, we all ate as much as we possibly could. Now I find that any food that I bring in to my house, I just want to devour. I have plenty, I live alone so no one will eat my food, and yet I ‘have to eat leftovers (or food prepped for later) now’ – so now that I know where it is coming from, I can work on it. Here is my question – do you have any information on Abundance? I want to work toward abundance thinking, but it feels just out of reach. Perhaps you have a podcast that discusses this, or recommend possible bridge thoughts?

Second – I also realized a couple of weeks ago that my first waking thought every morning is about food. I am grateful to be tuned in to this, and to take things one step further, I decided to do a model on a dream. Dream: I was at a conference with a breakfast buffet, and filled my plate but ran out of time and was carrying around soggy food, but was trying to figure out how to eat it. I broke up my thoughts (Everyone else got to eat, I don’t know when I will eat again, I have to try all these great new dishes, I want to take advantage of all this food) and feelings (punished, desperate, excited, scarcity/deprived), actions (hang on to the plate, look for a place to eat, load up the plate, explain to others I need to eat). Here is my question about doing models on dreams – I assume that doing models on dreams can be just as helpful sometimes as reality since it is all about thoughts? It felt a little silly at first, but as you can see, the feeling of scarcity is playing itself out in my dream. Plus the R line when dealing with dream thoughts seems vague.
Thanks for your help!