It’s not enough until you achieve it problem

I remember growing up around a family theme that we always hung on to related to happiness and relief. We always said “things will get better when…” “we will feel better when” I am really trying to escape and dismantle this belief in my adulthood because it feels terrible. I have achieved SO much in a few years that if I stop and look back, it really is incredible. But daily, it still feels like a mindset jail I really want freedom around.

I could use some help with my model. I am not sure if the result is accurate. I would love to learn how to TRULY embrace wherever I am in a process on the way to a goal. I’ve gotten a ton better since scholars but still feel this unintentional model having a hold on me daily more than I want.

C when I haven’t reached my goals
T until it gets done its not good enough
F despair or discouraged
A never see the positive in what I’m doing, always want to be somewhere else, always think it will be different when I get the thing, be in the past, the future, get annoyed, impatient, want to control things to get there, hold my breathe until I do
R I dont experience success until I reach a goal

Thank you!