I’ve been bold… shown up… But am not failing enough—

I was looking through pictures from 2009 and was amazed at how different I looked behind my eyes, my consciousness. How different my thoughts patterns were… how few tools and skills I had as a human, that I NOW OWN EVERY MOMENT.

This work with Self Coaching has brought so much into focus.
I am so grateful. My husband is grateful for myself and for our Business (which we are doubling in 2018). We are doing the Entrepreneur Course together and finding an amazing middle ground.
My daughter, Delaney, is eight and she enjoys listening to your perspective (I screen topics) as well. When she has a tough day, perhaps the podcast focusing on Allowing Negative Emotions is on in the carpool line. 🙂

Something in your recent ZOOM calls drew me to listening to “the Manual” again. Followed by “Challenging Relationships” again. I am always so surprised when the title misleads me about what I am going to better understand about mySelf at the end of the podcast. Always in my mind is the engine’s hum, “How can I take responsibility for my piece of this?”

This is a thought I used to flinch from mentally…
This thought is now power that I take, gladly with a light heart, with unapologetic strength…

In the last 60 days, I have been bold:
Brokered small group health insurance options for our company
Filed and amended tax returns
Met a fourth quarter deadline to create a 401(k) Safe Harbor Plan, income planning for taxes
Sheltered maximum incomes
Reached out to experts when I needed them and trusted their judgement
Shopping processing companies against one another
Put a process in place to earn maximum rewards for a free ski vacation each year: Capital One
Shored up operations expenses, ensuring no creep
Decided on a paid Brick and Mortar Retail Consultant to review our year and talk about 2018, 5Y and 10Y
Decided on two Financial Consultants to talk about 2018, 5Y, and 10Y
Creative meetings with staff, providing feedback for amazing growth, constrained them
Wrapped a personal, 3rd vehicle in marketing to drive traffic (billboard had reach efficacy)
Bought a company vehicle

My 2018 1Q is looking amazing as well.
Convert current home to a rental to diversify income
Purchase a high end townhome, PLAN: convert into a rental 2021
Open a new brick and mortar store, capital expenditure
NOTE: With research may open 2, because as you said the energy it takes the double something and 10x something are the same.
Encourage husband to keep the big picture in focus because his strengths are not “Clean, Maintain and Repair”
We CAN do that, but are invigorated by the creativity to create someone NEW!

So scared -comma- I’m a badass.
P.S. Not many failures…

QUESTION: I’m not having many business failures despite having to LEARN SO MUCH. What do I do to stretch toward failures?
Perhaps failures in perspectives when my husband (COO) and I (CFO) need to compromise?
Not forward planning in blocks to really set myself for successes.
House is not tidy and organized.
Eating out too often? Planning

GOAL: My impossible goal is 50 pounds weight change (for me fat to muscle counts) by 07/01/2018 at 4pm.