I’ve heard the term “laddering” I’m wondering if this is an example of it

My assumption is that laddering is breaking down thoughts into multiple models and then the last is the useful model???

C- straightening up house
T- I never get to sit down
A- scream at my husband, act irrational, blame him for not being more helpful
R- angry, sad, drained

next thought recognizing what the bigger issue is

C- I have tendinitis in my arms for a long time and its painful
T- I can’t stand this pain anymore
E- frustration
A- feel the feeling, cry, feel it in my facial neuralgia stomach and head
R- emotionally drained

C – remind husband about painful tendinitis
T- I want him to validate my pain.
E- want compassion
A- I stop talking to him
R- He doesn’t respond and I feel sad and alone

C- Husband didn’t respond to me
T- Why doesn’t he sympathize for me that I’m n pain?
E- emotionally drained
A- Tell him my thoughts
R- He tells me he knows they hurt, tries to make jokes to get me in a better mood. I let it go knowing he just isn’t responding the way I would like him to. Acceptance