January Inception Goals

I listened to the January first lesson with Brook and originally set my goal to follow through with my Monday Hour One. I have been doing it for 2 weeks with some success and still many exceptions where I did not honor my schedule because of whatever came up. Now, Brooke says that 100% is easier than 90% because it frees up all the discussions about when to make the exception. But with a goal like following through with Monday Hour One (like 10 items on the schedule per day leading to 10 possibilities of rescheduling opportunities) it seems very undoable/strict. My idea was to have one or two jokers per day and keep the rest which would be already a huge improvement.

The other thing I was wondering about are goals within goals and how that affects the process… When I follow through with Monday Hour One, I follow through on goals like regular sport, regular sleeping patterns, getting up in the morning etc. But then again, we are told to focus on one goal only at any specific time duration.
What are your thoughts on that?

Thank you.