January $$ Worth

Here’s my January $$’s worth for 1/2020.

I just got off a 20-minute call with Carola. The call lasted 18 minutes. I went in with my most persistent issue, not hoping for much.

First of all, did you know that actions don’t create feelings? It was one of those moments where I saw clearly how I believed that they did, despite having thousands of models under my belt.

Here’s the model I thought was happening:

C: Long Day
T: ((()))) No clue what the thought was
F: Exhausted
A: Binge
R: out of control

I imagined based on the result, that the thought was I need to be in control but I’m exhausted.

First off Carola totally set aside all my BS about how busy I was. She looked at it, almost got in the pool and then set it aside. Brilliant.
Here’s my model stack:
C: Long day
T: I need a break
F: Out of control/ suffocated
A: Binge
R: I stop WORKING, I get control of the non-food stuff.

Leads to:
C: I’m Bingeing
T: Thank God, I can stop everything now.
F: Relief, control over everything but food.
A: Eat, read, drink, escape
R: Stop working

What? I always thought I felt out of control during a binge. I feel out of control just before I binge. ((insert crying))

Mind. Blown.

Thanks Carola! Great Job. Got my scholar’s investment for the month.