(Jessica) Checking in

Hi! Thanks for all of your guidance! Just checking in. When I started this in January I weighed 140. I now weigh 139. My goal is 124#. While I am proud I have not gained weight my goal is weight loss. I created a protocol and was looking for feedback.
X3 Coffee in am with Truvia and cream (1 tablespoon each cup).
Lunch = 6oz protein, 1 cup veggies, two TBL of fat and a small apple
1 cup of Coffee in afternoon with one TBL of cream (optional)
Water (60oz by the end of the day)
Dinner = 6oz of protein, 1 cup veggies two TBL of fat and 4oz of fruit.
The fruit is really optional for me but I notice if I say no fruit I have it with whip cream on top and beat myself up. If I know I can have it the drama is removed. I think i am oppositinally defiant, just kidding!
Drink protocol – If I choose to drink it is with a plan but for only one drink during week nights and up to three on Friday or Sat with water in between. That is IF I drink. I have lost the urge to drink most nights. Again sometimes I just like knowing I can have it.
One joy eat a week.
Should I decrease my protein since I have a lot of fat?
Minimum baseline movement = 15 mins of the Max trainer two times a week and strength training two times a week. Extra walking whenever able since I do love it!