Social troubles Introvert

I have always been an “introvert”.
Not sure if that is an actual part of my personality or is it something that is being driven by my thoughts. The research I’ve seen is suggesting that one is one or the other at birth. I own my own business and have for 18 years and am successful. For me I’m very out going and am a very busy person and have never let anything stop me from anything that I have wanted to do…….except when there are groups of people. But, I withdraw and just shut down and most of the time I just decide to stay home even if it’s something that means a lot to me such as the Kingdom Hall (Jehovah’s Witness’ place of worship). I don’t want to feel this way any longer. I am brutally honest with myself but I can’t seem to overcome this one very challenging aspect of who I am. Otherwise, I love me exactly for who I am. I love what you do Brooke you are amazing!!!

Mary Medlin