The job that is not mine

Hi Brooke,

My mind is now spinning… just a recap… I interviewed, I wanted the job, I did not move forward in the selection process. I allowed myself to be sad, moved on, and really making strides where I am (bloom where I am planted). In fact, there are great things on the horizon, not sure if that will equate to a promotion anytime soon, but really getting into a groove in my profession.

So I was emailing back and forth with the friend in the office that I interviewed with and then asked who did they hire. I got a response that the selection is more difficult than anticipated and they are seeking someone with the development skills they desire. In my own opinion I have those skills, and I thought I had a great interview, in fact, the interviewer said I did… Now my mind is saying WTF – that was insensitive. Why the heck did I get passed up? You guys are crazy!

Thing is, I really wanted that job. Now I am totally annoyed with their decision. I am trying to seek clarity on this, and it may take me a day to get over it… The job is not mine… But there is a piece of me that says, what if it is still up for grabs… Then I think, they don’t want me. Intentional thoughts are not coming to me.