Job vs business?

Hi Brooke,

I’m putting this in regular Ask Brooke vs business because it’s not technical business stuff, it’s more of a personal decision. I hope that is the right place for it!

When I first started Scholars, I was wanting to make money. I was working on building my coaching business and thank you so much for all the niche help!! I picked a great niche and have started getting clients and have raised my rates twice in the past two months because of the interest, demand, and the value I’m now offering – yahoo!!

Well now, a job opportunity has come up for me (I wasn’t looking), paying the exact amount that was my big, scary, impossible income goal for this year (I am still not there with my coaching business). This job involves coaching and I could continue my coaching business on the side, but probably only 1-2 clients at a time.

When I’ve looked for jobs before, it’s been an escape from the hard work of building my business. This time feels different, but I’m really trying to dig into why I want this job. I’ve always felt I was made to be #2 in a business, not the #1. My coaching business actually is build around me being a temporary #2 for someone else’s business. This job would give me that opportunity, it gives me a variety of people to work with. It would give me a stable and reliable paycheck with the possibilities of bonuses for exceeding expectations, which I always do in my work.

Am I crazy to want this? How do you approach tough decisions like this? When I thought download on the topic, every thought is a question haha! I’d love some guidance on how to really dig into it and decide if this is the right thing to pursue. I have an interview for the job next week, so I don’t have an offer in hand, but I want to nail down what is going on for me before I have the interview.