Hi Brooke,

I’m a judgey-wudgey and cannot seem to shake it. With my friends, family, clients, anytime someone tells me something that they’ve said or done that I deem as stupid or ridiculous, I immmediately go into this thought loop of wanting to tell them everything they should do with their lives. I don’t acutally TELL them what I’m thinking –when I speak to them I’m always considerate and supportive– but then I thought loop constantly in my head about it: “That’s ridiculous. She needs to do this, not do that,” etc. I know, I know, I’ve got some sort of pathetic superiority complex, and I just want to control everyone (which intellectually I know I cannot do). I’ve been doing model after model, but I cannot seem to break this terrible thought pattern. I feel ashamed for it too. I’m driving myself nuts — constantly passing judgment and wanting to control everyone, then hating myself for thinking that way. And I’m buliding resentment toward my loved ones with my negative judgments, which clearly isn’t healthy. HELP!

Thanks much.