Judgment from Family

I am trying to work on a model and I am having issues completing it.  My fiancé and I moved away from home 5 years ago and we never had support from his family ever since we left. They said hurtful things to us to get us to not move and if anything, it made me want to go even more. They have barely visited us since we moved and the two times they have complained the entire time and still pressure us on moving back home. We are happy here and are purchasing a home out here so they finally know that we are here to stay.

Anyways, we recently talked to them and they are expecting us to go back home for Christmas and we have told them that we don’t plan on it and that we hope they can come to visit us because not only are we here but his sister is also now living here. We have always been very clear with them in situations like this but they still make us feel bad. I understand that I cannot control what they say to us but I am having a hard time not feeling guilty about it even though I am happy with our decision to not go home for Christmas.  Thank you for your help!