Just 1 thing? But there are too many “things” – help on Model

Hi Brooke,
First I’m really excited to be here- I’ve listened to your podcast for a long time and finally decided to do Scholars! I have a question but I hope it’s OK to post here- not sure if this should be a tutor question instead?
Anyway, for my third thought download, I focused on the thought “I’m too overloaded with “things”- after listening to your last podcast of 2017. What I mean is that I have a lot of commitments (I’m a wife, I’m a new adoptive mom to a 3-year-old with special needs, I’m a full-time professional wonk in DC, I have a very long commute, I am taking a year-long highly competitive illustration course, and I’m committed to losing and maintaining the last 15lbs- lost 38 in 2017) so it is difficult to cull all these things down and pick 1 thing and I’m not sure I can- a lot of these “things” are circumstances/facts. Maybe I misunderstood your podcast, maybe it was about material things and not life things but I’m applying it to life things here…But my question isn’t about last month’s podcast but more about my thought after listening to the podcast and doing the model… So anyway I did the Unintentional thought pattern this way:
C- I have a lot of commitments
T- I’m too overloaded with “things”
F- I’m stressed out A LOT
A- I have a negative attitude, not doing my “things” to the best of my ability
R- I snap at people and push them away

Then I worked on the Intentional Thought Pattern:
C- I have a lot of commitments
T- I have a very full and exciting life
F- I’m excited and motivated about possibilities now and in the future
A- I need to streamline/condense/evaluate commitments, see where changes can be made
R- I’m more in control and don’t lose my temper as much

This is my first time doing models so I’m not sure I did them right– am I on the right track?

Thanks so much in advance!!!