When you just don’t WANT to do something

Hi Brooke! I have a question that feels like it should be an easy one–how do I make myself do something I don’t feel like I want to do?

C: schoolwork
T: The work will be miserable to do; I don’t want to do it.
F: resistant, lazy
A: procrastinate (ha, by writing in to you)
R: don’t do it–the looming deadline is miserable

I know in my head that I don’t *have* to do anything and the fact that this is on my to do list means I want to do it–because I want to be a good student and get my degree, etc. I even sort of know that I want to do it now and not later. I know that it’s always more effective to frontload the pain than prolong it and have to do it in the end anyways. But somehow these thoughts aren’t getting me to action.

T: I’ll feel accomplished when I get this done.
F: feel like I should be motivated–more just feel like “oh, I guess that’s true…” and resist it.
A: should be motivated to get it done…but I’m not.
R: don’t get it done

Why are my thoughts not leading to the actions they should? Why am I resisting a thought that I want to dwell on AND actually believe?