Just wanted to say thank you!


I’ve been in Scholars since Jan 1st but have been listening to your podcasts and applying your concepts to my life since September 2017. Just since January though have I really understood how our thoughts create everything in our lives. I’ve had great success so far on the protocol and most of the time it is pretty easy.

However, all these urges came up this past week, kind of like what?! where did you come from? I finally figured out how to ride them out, let them be, and accept them without answering them. It’s true freedom.

Thank you for the work you do and all the content you provide here.

I just watched the last video in Stop Overeating and feel sad! However, I know I have the tools I need to keep going and can revisit them if I need to. Also, where can I order the updated copy of your book If I’m So Smart How Come I can’t lose weight? I can’t read on my computer very well!

Thanks again!
Angela Mascenik