To keep or eliminate desire

I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and have about 15 more to go. No sugar, no flour, intermittent fasting, no snacks. I allow myself to have a joy eat/exception eat once per week. However, since beginning in January, I’ll sometimes go 2-4 weeks between joy eats. I’ll just forget to schedule one 24 hours in advance or I just don’t seem to think about it. When I do schedule one, I get excited about whatever dessert I have planned. I really enjoy all of my food. I get excited about my salads!! Truly! I just love them. I’m excited about the fish and broccoli I will eat for dinner tonight! 🙂

After listening to your Masterclass, I think I need to give up my desire for sweets. On the other hand, I attended your Live Podcast event (so good) and spoke to Brenda Lomelli. We talked about my desire for desserts and she expressed to me that if my desire for sweets is not interfering with my weight loss, then I could still enjoy the feeling of desire for these foods. She talked about desire as a fun emotion to have.

Is it possible to lose the rest of my weight, and keep it off by continuing with my current protocol? And still desire foods? Most of the time I don’t even look at foods with sugar or flour because my brain automatically says “we just don’t eat that.” It’s pretty easy and I don’t really have to think about it. Instead, when out at restaurants, parties, etc., my brain automatically goes to: “well, what can I eat here? where’s the veggies, protein, fat?” I’m not perfect, and I still get urges and move past them, and sometimes I have the occasional grab ass here and there. For this reason, should I be working on eliminating my desire? I know you’ve succeeded on “wanting to not want drinking alcohol” (I don’t drink). But I don’t feel like not wanting sweets. I enjoy desiring them. However, if continuing this desire will interfere with keeping the weight off for the rest of my life, then please tell me if I should change my thinking here. If there is a net negative effect to keeping my desire, then I have a lot more work to do!
Thank you so, so much. Your program has made my LIFE so much sweeter! 🙂